Interested in how we recondition gearboxes for your 4x4 in our workshop?

Check out this series of Youtube videos below that show the rebuilding of a Landcruiser 100# gearbox. We use Drivetech 4x4 rebuild kits in our reco exchange gearboxes because the quality of the components we use is just as important as the workmanship of our 4x4 technicians.

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4x4 Gearbox Rebuild video

Stage 1

Reconditioned 100 Series Gearbox

Stage 2

Gympie 4WD Gearbox Reco

Stage 3

Exchange 4wd gearboxes

Stage 4

How to rebuild a Landcruiser Gearbox

Stage 5

Rebuilding 4WD Gearboxes

Stage 6

Landcruiser 100 Series Gearbox Rebuild

Stage 7

Gearbox and Diff Rebuilding

Stage 8

Fixing a Landcruiser Gearbox

Stage 9

Gearboxes & Diffs

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