TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit - Mitsubishi Triton MR



Mitsubishi MR Triton - TJM Suspension 4000 Series


Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or planning to tow a caravan across the country, you can’t go past a TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit to improve every aspect of your drive. You’ll be equipped for a smoother, more comfortable ride while also improving road handling, braking ability, noise and vibration. 4WDs have factory engineered suspension, but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving. Installing a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM XGS Series 4000 suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride handling, load carrying and towing capabilities. Give us a call on 1800681024 - we are your local TJM distributor and Gympie 4WD spares can help you out with all your individual suspension needs. The TJM XGS Suspension Kit for the New MR Triton is available now!

Mitsubishi MR Triton - TJM XGS Suspension Kit 4000 series

Features & Benefits
30mm lift
Increased ground clearance & carrying capacity

Conforms to VSB14
Tested & compliant to Australian Standards

40mm Bore Piston
Increased oil capacity which reduces shock fade

1.The XGS twin-tube shock or strut has two cylinders: The inner, or working cylinder, is where the piston and shaft move up and down. The outer cylinder serves as a reservoir for the hydraulic fluid. There are fluid valves in the piston and in the stationary base valve. The valves in the piston control most of the damping.

2. The purpose of this adjustment feature is to allow recalibration of ride height following the installation of heavy accessories or to compensate spring settling.

3. The increased height of the vehicle offered with the XGS coils allows for individual adaptable terrains & driving requirements

4. TJM XGS quality leaf springs use high grade spring steel and are available for today’s four wheel drive and tradesman vehicles. Off road, the improved flexibility of TJM XGS leaf springs result in better traction from increased wheel travel and ground clearance.

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