4x4 Gearbox Reconditioning - the what, where and how...



4x4 gearbox reconditioning - the what,where and how
Our techs at Gympie 4WD have been reconditioning 4x4 gearboxes for over 30 years - here's a bit about what we do...


Are you having any of these issues with your 4WD Gearbox?

•the gearbox is generally quite noisy
•it may be hard to select some gears
•the gearbox may be leaking oil
•you are finding that the gearbox may be jumping out of gear
•there has been gear breakage leading to no drive

Many of the types of 4x4 gearboxes we recondition here at Gympie 4WD have common weaknesses, or know issues. For example, in the Toyota R151 Gearbox (Landcruisers, Hiluxes, Tritons) we see stripping of the 3rd/4th hub which can cause selection issues and eventual gearbox failure. Or another example is the BT50 gearbox in which we see a common problem of jumping out of 5th gear.

Because our technicians have been reconditioning 4x4 gearboxes for over 30 years, we have the experience to diagnose and rectify many of these problems.

So, what's the best way to get your vehicle back on the road if you are having gearbox issues? We have two solutions:

Option 1 - Buy one of our Reconditioned 4x4 Gearboxes off the shelf 
Our gearboxes are sold on an exchange basis - and can be a quick, convenient way of getting your 4x4 back on the road asap.  We specialise in reconditioning our gearboxes to meet or exceed OEM specs.  We use quality, proven products like Drivetech 4x4 components and genuine replacement parts where available.


For example, our HZJ79 transmission assembly has 4 separate upgrades over the original box:

•3rd/4th modified selector hub
•modified 5th gear
•modified counter shaft thrust washer, and
•One piece, heavy duty transfer case input shaft and sleeve assembly

These upgrades can prevent the common issue of sleeve slipping - and sometimes even stripping - resulting in no drive in any gears.

Option 2 - We strip and assess your gearbox 
Depending on the amount of time you have available - getting us to strip and assess your own gearbox may be a suitable option. After the gearbox is stripped we can then give you a full diagnosis, and repair or modify if appropriate. Our service manager Bruce can help you out with this - call 1800 072 099 or email Bruce here


Gympie 4WD Spares has a 12 month / 20,000km warranty on reconditioned gearboxes

If you would like to read more about our warranty - please click here.  Or give our friendly team a call and they will be able to talk you through the process of getting one of our reco boxes out to you - wherever you are in Australia!

Our warranty document also has some useful info  - like why we advise not  to tow in 5th gear.  We often get asked about this, and the reason behind it is the design of some boxes is such that the fifth gear is essentially an overdrive gear.  It is typically the smallest gear in the gearbox - whereas the 4th gear is the strongest gear which drives directly through the gearbox.

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